Hartford Jaycees Haunted House


*A Top Rated Attraction by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for 25 Years!*

A witches moon beckons as you travel down the wooded path toward the century old 3- story haunted farmhouse, where the smell of fear and chain saw gas lingers in the cool night air!


Journey deeper into the dark woods as your nerves start to tingle with the first inklings of fear and uncertainty. Beasts prowl and seem to pop out of nowhere, as your first screams are lost in the mad dash to escape!

Enter the top floor of the Haunted Manor and your senses are bombarded with strange sounds, eerie music, and the most horrifying scenes you have ever imagined!The creatures that inhabit the dwelling, lurk in the endless rooms and corridors, lying in wait for you to pass! Onward you must travel through all 3 floors and into the dark, dank cellar where the scares get scarier and the screams gets louder!

Dark House Exterior.jpg

See if you can survive our three levels of horror and our trail without becoming a victim yourself. If you shall make it through, the strength within has proven more powerful than the demons that lurk within our compound. May you temp fate a second time, the demons might not be so forgiving as to let you pass again. Come test your fate at our haunted house & trail I am sure you will have a devilish time.

If you have any interest in volunteering at our haunted house. Please call our spookline for more information. We have tons of fun and it is great way to help out your community.

Hartford Jaycees Haunted House
 620 Baehring Drive, Slinger, WI 53086

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